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Avatar Solution is a company that provides products through IT Software Developer and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) services.

Avatar Solution is fully committed to the integrity of our products and services, and upholds trust in our customers. Avatar Solution always strives to provide the best solution for customers

Supported by experts in our fields, we always try to provide the best service, especially in resolving customer's problem swiftly.

Avatar Solution helps UMKM (Small Business) to succeed?

Avatar Solution wants to help Indonesian UMKM (Small Business) to succeed, because UMKM (Small Business) are the backbone of the economy in Indonesia. Along with the development of the era, Avatar Solution supports government programs to help the digital transformation of Indonesian UMKM (Small Business). Avatar Solution's price-friendly pricing provides intelligent solutions for the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Why do you need an IT system for your business?

In the digital age that continues to grow every year, the trend of today's society is always want to keep up with the rapid development of technology. Avatar Solution wants your business to grow rapidly using ICT software as a smart solution for business growth.